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An Experienced Septic Company in High Bridge, NJ

When it comes to septic tanks, Beavers Septic Services is the only name you need to remember. As a septic company in High Bridge, NJ, we have the equipment and resources to handle any septic issues or projects. Call now for a free septic service estimate!

Your Full-Service Septic Professionals

Septic Repair, Installation & Replacement

Choose us to keep your system in peak operating condition. We offer a complete range of septic services, including, but not limited to:

  • Septic Installations

  • Septic Repairs

  • Septic Maintenance

  • Septic Inspections / Evaluation

  • Distribution Box Replacement

  • Baffle Replacement

  • Sewage / Dosing / Submersible Pump Replacement

  • Septic System Upgrades / Expansion

  • Site Assessment / Perc Tests / Soil Logs

  • Jet Rodding

  • Septic/Sewer Camera Inspection

  • Risers & Extensions

  • Sewer Tie-Ins

  • Emergency Services

  • Final Grading & Seeding

  • Advance Treatment Units (Norweco, Hoot, etc)

Do You Need A Septic Evaluation?

You don’t spend much time thinking about your septic system–until issues start to arise. At Beavers Septic Services we offer free consultations & estimates on your septic repair or replacement project. To know if it’s time for a septic inspection, be on the lookout for the following signs:

  • Green Grass Growing Vigorously
  • Effluent in Your Yard
  • Foul Odors
  • Wet & Spongy Backyards

Whether you need help with a septic repair or septic installation–our goal is to take care of all of your septic-related issues efficiently, effectively, and at an affordable price. We can assess your current system, make sound recommendations for a remedy to a failing system and complete the work in a timely basis, with little to no disruption to you. From cleaning out the filter in your septic tank to providing emergency services as needed, our team is always there to work hard for you.

D-box replacement Somerset County NJ

Advanced Treatment Units (ATU's)

What Is An Advance Treatment Unit? or Alternative Septic System?

Advance treatment unit septic systems, often called Alternative Septic Systems, are designed and installed as an alternative to conventional septic systems when sites do not have suitable soils, are too close to ground or surface water, lakes or streams, drinking wells, too steep, space constricted and other situations where a conventional system cannot be designed. For instance, on small lots with existing homes and failed septic systems, the advanced treatment technologies with the smallest footprints are most commonly used as replacement systems.  Alternative septic systems offer various solutions to various needs depending on site conditions that were otherwise deemed unsatisfactory for a conventional septic system.

The main difference between an advance treatment unit septic system vs. a conventional septic system design is that the wastewater leaving the main septic tank gets treated therefore, accelerating the treatment process through the creation of an optimum environment for microorganisms that digest the waste, and for collection and disposal of the resulting byproducts.

Example Of An Advance Treatment Unit

Advance Treatment Unit, Alternative Septic Systems, by Norweco, & Hoot in Hunterdon, Somerset, Warren and Morris County NJ
"Highly recommended. Needed septic work done quickly and Greg responded promptly. His price was very reasonable and he was able to start the project in a few days. He has an excellent rapport with local officials and his work met their high standards. We were so happy with his work we had him fix a problem with our driveway which now drains water the way it should. I have already recommended him to other people."
- Greg Johnson

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